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Guidance, Inspiration & Support

At Techgem Educational Technologies, clients learn from industry professionals who are thoroughly invested in their entire learning process. Take a look below to learn more about our dedicated team.


Office Manager

Brenda's travels during her childhood allowed experiences with different cultures, resulting in a passion for accepting and valuing the differences in others.  

She considers herself a lifelong learner and is always looking for a way to gain more knowledge.  Her educational background includes a Nursing degree, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management, and a Certification in Health Informatics. She served as a CPR Instructor with the American Heart Association for more than 15 years. Work experience includes management and operational positions as well as staff training. She served as a Diversity in the Workplace Facilitator for the CIGNA Corporation. She has worked with the AMR Training Group – Performance Solutions as a Facilitation Skills Trainer and as Personality Trainer with CLASServices Inc. 

Since joining Techgem Educational Technologies, Brenda Daniels R.N., MCP has consistently brought a passion and dedication to her each day. Her experience makes her a perfect fit as our Office Manager.

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Mother & Daughter Team

A unique team is bringing chemistry like no other!

Their love and respect for each other are what drives this team to do their utmost to bring quality training each time, no matter what. Their shared values of excellent customer service, education and training, and accepting diversity is what makes for great chemistry!

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Meet Vonetta Watson: a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Educational Technologist, and Technology Strategist. With over two decades of experience in the technology sector, she is the founder and owner of TechGem Educational Technologies, a provider of software tech solutions for businesses and organizations globally. 

Vonetta is an international speaker, author, coach, and consultant notable for her expertise in developing, identifying, and implementing technology strategies that enhance processes, drive efficiency, and forge the path for digital transformation. She's worked with countless organizations, collaborating with stakeholders to integrate new systems and drive innovation.

A powerhouse of knowledge, she holds a Master’s degree in Adult Education and Training and over 60 certifications in technology, quality management, business acumen, and corporate training. Her breadth of certifications signifies that she is a technology thought leader with mastery of multiple domains and her commitment to continuous learning.

Her high-energy and hands-on approach makes her not just a trainer but an Empowerment Coach who's ready to take you on an immersive journey of learning. With her expertise, she simplifies complex training, ensuring that it resonates with multiple intelligences and learning styles. Using a blend of Constructivist and Cognitive teaching styles, Vonetta curates a community of learning that optimizes technologies to enhance productivity and sharpen skill sets.

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